Assist: "Driving" and "Home" modes are available for Moto G and Moto E

Even after announcing the Moto G 2014 it's the Moto X 2014Motorola remains a mother to the users of the line. Today, "Driving" and "Home" modes have been added to Motorola Assist for Moto G 2013 and Moto E, through an application update Motorola Assist It's from Motorola Contextual Services. Check out what you can expect from these software.

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Steering and Home modes are available for Moto G and Moto E! / ANDROIDPIT
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Motorola Assist is a kind of personal advisor that identifies when you should not be disturbed, for example when you are sleeping or in a meeting. After you set some hours, the app will ensure that you only receive important calls. In addition, the software identifies when you are driving and reads messages aloud or plays music. When you are home he can announce calls. You can define actions and exceptions to work exactly as you wish.

To date, users of Moto G first generation and the Moto E they only counted on the "Meeting" and "Sleeping" modes, but now it is possible to count on the "Driving" and "Home" modes.

Assist moto g moto and driving home mode
Home and Driving modes arrive for Moto G 2013 and Moto E.! / ANDROIDPIT

Motorola Assist
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Thanks to our community member and forum moderator, Artur Eduardo, for the tip!

And what did you think of the news? J updated your Assist? Let us know your first impressions with the new service modes in the comments below.

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