Assets of the company that controls Netcall arrested under a precautionary measure

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The assets of Webware, the company that controls Netcall 100 percent, were arrested on the 18th of November as part of a precautionary measure by the 4th Civil Court of the Lisbon Court. The action was brought by Infopulse, Vítor Magalhães’ company, which is also a founding partner of Netcall.

Speaking to TeK, Vítor Magalhães explained that the measure is moving forward after a year of negotiations with Webware to settle accounts regarding the Weblight platform, developed by Infopulse and acquired by Webware. According to the official, 250 thousand euros are at stake.

Through the Communication agency, Webware defends itself saying that it remains available to resolve the issue extra-judicially, but adds that the dispute has to do with the fairness of the price given the potential of the platform. The company also accuses Infopulse of using the press to mediate the issue and pressure Webware to resolve the issue more quickly.

On the other hand, Vítor Magalhães considers that if there were availability to resolve the issue outside the courts this would have already been achieved over the last year and is available to proceed with a judicial settlement of the issue, he explained to TeK.

Among the assets seized by the court are Webware accounts and servers for the website development and management platform at the heart of the issue, Weblight. The operation will have caused a service breach with implications for a few dozen Netcall customers in the website hosting service. The spokesman for Webware explains, however, that this was a momentary situation at the time of the judicial operation, «since the assets arrested were those of Webware and not of Netcall».

«Netcall could have been a very valid national project, a mirror of the best of what Portugal is capable of, had it not lost the capacity for innovation needed for projects of this nature and a closer view of what this new world of IP integrated services is like», underlines Vítor Magalhães, recalling the possible implications of the process at Netcall.

Webware is 40% owned by PME Investimentos and also has Nuno Oliveira, Luís Ávila, Rui Nascimento, Wiljo Verbruggen, Vítor Magalhães and Edgar Barbosa as shareholders.

Vítor Magalhães also underlines the fact that PME Investimentos has privileged «a false shareholder stability, based on a non-fulfillment of responsibilities assumed by the resident shareholder group». PME Investimentos sends all clarifications to Webware.

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