Assassin’s Creed movie arrives in December 2016

Filme de Assassin's Creed chega em dezembro de 2016

Film based on the Assassin’s Creed Games series gets a film adaptation scheduled for December 2016.

Hello, infidels! The year of 2015 has barely started and we already have great debuts planned for 2016. And, no less, one of my favorite games will have its full-length version debuting in theaters in December 21, 2016. The game that will win a cinematic version is, simply, the assassins Creed!

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the release of the film based on assassins Creed should happen one week after the launch of one of the spin-offs in Star Wars (films based on the George Lucas series, focused on Yoda, Han Solo and Boba Fett).

In a single December we will have Templars, Asians and Jedis! That the release date of Assassin’s do not be changed and the strength is with us all to endure waiting so long!