Asphalt 8 game postponed, but Gameloft releases some images

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Asphalt 8

Last week, we showed here the trailer for the next Gameloft game, the Asphalt 8, whose rumors pointed to the launch on the 8th (this Thursday). However, the date has never been official and the developer team will still need extra time to improve some details and therefore the launch will take a few weeks. The news was released by the Touch Arcade website and confirmed by the iPhone Blog.

But as a consolation, Gameloft released some images of the game, to relieve anxiety. ?

We have been closely monitoring the progress of Asphalt 8, which was initially expected in July. But Gameloft is keen to deliver the game completely finished, “round” so that fans of the series are not disappointed. We cannot reveal more details for now, but the final result should be very good.

While it doesn’t arrive, check out some released images (click on them to enlarge them):

Asphalt 8 Asphalt 8 Asphalt 8 Asphalt 8

As soon as we hear more news about the game, we’ll let you know. ?