Asked – How to Play?

The Question is a game of questions and answers that is very successful among young people and those who love challenges like this. The highlight of the game is that it aims to challenge the knowledge of each person, that is, it is a dispute to know who knows more among the players.

The most questioned subjects in the game are general subjects such as: Entertainment, Science, Sports, Geography, History and Arts.


To find out which question the player has to answer, there is a roulette wheel that defines the subjects. As the answers are correct, the winner will win crowns.

How to Play Asked Questions?

The game is available for the PC (Web) through Facebook, Android system and IOS, obviously the goal is to overcome the challenges related to general knowledge questions, as mentioned above.

To start the game, the participants start to test their logical thinking with other players, each game starts from the choice of an opponent and then, the roulette will show what will be the general knowledge category of the time.

The game has 6 challenges, the categories of which are Entertainment, Science, Sports, Geography, History and Arts.

At each stage, the competitor must answer the questions correctly, the questions have 4 alternatives, and it is possible to choose only 1 answer. If you do not know, the turn is passed to the opponent.

Remember that game “Pass or Repass”? There are toy stores, he was very famous in the 90s because he passed SBT. Asked is similar to it.

To achieve victory, it is necessary to obtain all 6 characters that represent each category.

The positive side of the game is that the questions are hardly repeated, so it is not tiring and there is no risk of other players knowing the answer.

It is very easy to use. Right on the main panel of the game, all the information on how to play is shown to the players, as well as the challenges that are already underway and the suggestions of new opponents.

There is also a space where gamers can buy coins to start disputes, so they can use a credit card.


Mobile and PC version

As mentioned above, the Question can be played via cell phone (Android and IOS) and also through the PC via Facebook, including, the game has a chat, very similar to Messenger so that players can communicate while playing, in addition, you can call other registered people to play.

Although Asked is somewhat similar to other games with the same proposal, it has some differentials as its collaborative structure, where the participants of the game can send questions to the platform. That is precisely why the database is varied in terms of issues.

One of the negative points pointed out by the players of Asked is about the need to buy coins to start a new game, in reality, they must be purchased in the game store.

If the player is not willing to invest money to play, it is necessary to wait 40 minutes to start a new challenge.

However, it should be noted that all matches started, always remain active. That is, you can start whenever you want.

For some participants, items for sale in the store are very expensive, this can generate a certain demotivation to advance the game.

In addition, there are gamers who complain that the platform crashes from time to time during challenges.

The game interface is very lively and attractive to users, especially newbies who have just started enjoying these features. However, if the gamer is more experienced and looking for news, maybe there will come a time when the game will be very predictable, especially without buying items in the store.

This is a game made exclusively for those with questions and answers. It is a way to keep the mind active and exercise knowledge.

The good thing about Asked is that you learn while having fun. So, the idea is to take the opportunity to interact with other participants and feel motivated to move forward in this fun and full of knowledge game.

To download the game, just go to the IOS store or Play Store on Android. To play on your PC, download from Play Google.

Is that you? Are you ready for the next question?