ASICS launches app for you to exercise at home

Screenshot do app ASICS Studio: At Home Workouts

In this moment of isolation when parks and gyms are closed, many people are desperate without being able to train (including this one who writes to you).

With that, a series of alternatives were created, among them lives endless on Instagram, YouTube videos and more. This all has its good side, of course, but we always have to bear in mind the danger of following unqualified people to deal with a particular matter properly.

We have already reported here on MacMagazine a series of exercise apps for you to do at home or monitor your outdoor activities, like Runkeeper (well known for monitoring runs). Well, this app is now part of ASICS, which also launched a broader exercise app called ASICS Studio.

ASICS Studio app icon: At Home Workouts

It has a very varied number of exercises to be done only with the weight of the body, in some devices, with rubber bands, in addition to also covering yoga, meditation, running exercises and training plans for running.

It is also possible to choose the exercises by muscle group. It is not necessary to have a lot of space to be able to make some of the suggestions, so even those who live in a small apartment (like me) can keep their bodies active during quarantine.

The application integrates with the Health app (Health) on iOS, monitoring the activities you did on the day and helping you complete your exercise goal. You can do the exercises even without an internet connection, since it allows you to download the series.

The visual part of the app was very beautiful, with a design clean; to make things easier, we have a stopwatch that helps you track your exercise and rest time.

The only downside I have encountered so far is that the content is only available in English. Still, it is very intuitive – and, if you have a slight sense of English, it ends up being an opportunity to train your listening since the spoken instructions are done very slowly. Still, I hope that this content will be translated / localized soon.

How are you doing in the quarantine?

In the video below, I talked a little about how to use technology to your advantage in this time of quarantine.

In it, I gave some tips on apps and podcasts to help maintain mental sanity and go through this phase with greater tranquility. I hope I can help in some way! ?