Asian video streaming service Viki arrives on the Apple TV app

Asian video streaming service Viki arrives on the Apple TV app

THE Asian TV is taking the West in a way never seen before. Programs of all kinds – journalistic, realities, game shows and dramas (like the famous Korean soap operas, the “dramas”) – are in fact becoming a topic among us and attracting the attention of more people. How to access all this content, however? Fortunately, the app Viki exists – and is now available on the Apple TV app.

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Speaking a little about the app itself, Viki (available for iPhones, iPads and Apple TVs) is a service streaming with multiple plan options and full focus on Asian TV. Here we have dramas, films and shows from a variety of countries such as Korea, Japan, Taiwan and more – all with subtitles in more than 200 languages ​​provided by the users and fans themselves.

The app offers filters for categories, countries, genres and subtitles; each program page has a synopsis, ratings, episode / season breakdown (where applicable) and a list of related options. The display screen of each program has a comment and discussion section, so that Asian TV fans do not feel alone in their passion; your profile page, finally, still has a viewing history, and you can follow your favorite shows so that Viki notifies you when new episodes are available.

Viki is available for free on the App Store and has three plans, available for in-app purchases: Viki Pass Basic (R $ 3 monthly), with limited selection of HD content without ads; the Viki Pass Standard (R $ 16 monthly), with a larger catalog and early access to the platform’s exclusive productions; and, finally, Viki Pass Plus (R $ 32 monthly), with full access to the entire service. There are annual payment options at reduced prices.

By subscribing to any of the plans, the user will already be able to enjoy the platform’s programming directly on the TV app – along with content from apps such as Globosat Play, FOX Brasil, Classix, Claro video, Red Bull TV, Garage and more. It is worth checking!

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