Asian tsunami hoax entitles prisoner

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A 40-year-old man was arrested by British police for sending misleading mail messages to family members of people reported missing during the tsunami that hit some Asian countries on 26 December. THE email he said that he came from the Foreign Affairs Office of Thailand, stating that the death of the missing persons had been confirmed.

The detained man collected the e-mail addresses of people who had placed requests for information about their family and friends in the Web site Sky News television station. It was station officials who complained to the police after they detected the messages.

The emails they came from a fake address, identified by the Reuters agency as ukgovfoffice + The police advise all family members and friends looking for missing persons to be very careful with messages from email, always confirming its veracity.

The author’s computer hoax he was apprehended and the man was interrogated at a London police station, now awaiting trial.

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