Asia / Pacific region to concentrate 39 million HDTV users

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In 2011 there are expected to be 39 million HDTV service subscribers in the Asia / Pacific region. The forecast is from In-Stat that notes the existence of an increasing number of equipment with support for high definition in that market, not kept up with the pace of evolution due to the amount of content available.

Even so, the consultant believes that the issues of lack of bandwidth in the networks to offer high definition services, largely due to the operators’ lack of conviction in the return on investment – given the content for conventional TV, will be overcome and will allow exponentially increase the size of the market that in the middle of this year had 8 million users.

In-Stat even believes that the Indian market will concentrate the world’s largest growth in sales of high definition television screens. Last year, the Asia / Pacific market recorded sales of HDTV screens of 4.1 million units.

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