Asia leads unsolicited e-mail

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The Asian continent is currently producing about 43 percent of all unsolicited e-mail circulating in the world, according to an analysis by computer security company Sophos. North America comes in second, with 25.6 percent, when Europe takes third place, putting 25 percent of the Internet on the Internet. spam existing.

Despite recent progress in the fight against unsolicited e-mail, the United States remains the country that most spam generates worldwide (23.1%). However, Sophos points out that the USA is on the right track, as in just two years it has managed to cut the global volume of spam that originated.

To the position taken by Asia, China contributes a lot, which currently produces 21.9 percent of the unsolicited messages that circulate in the mailboxes of the world, occupying the second place of the table by countries. South Korea completes the «podium» with a 9.8 percent share.

In fourth place in the overall table, France is the country in Europe that most spam circulates on the Internet (4.3%). Poland, Spain and Germany appear, in that order right after. Brazil, in the eighth position in the overall table, takes the lead with regard to South America.

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