ASAE seizes 1.3 million euros in counterfeit computer equipment during 2006

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Throughout the year, the Food and Economic Security Authority – ASAE – carried out several inspection operations on 2.55 thousand economic operators. The final balance shows the seizure of 468 computers and peripherals, 34,052 pirated CDs and DVDs, 335 software illegal and other counterfeit products putting the total value of the seized material in the three million euros.

In the IT area, 1,378 economic operators were inspected. These operations resulted in 105 criminal cases, eight arrests and 80 administrative offenses. In value, 1.3 million euros were seized.

Inspection actions were carried out across the Portuguese continent and led to the arrest of 24 individuals, the closure of four clandestine factories (dedicated to the counterfeiting of branded clothing and accessories) and the opening of 516 criminal cases.

To verify the material examined and to provide useful information for carrying out the activities, ASAE had the support of the Public Security Police, the National Republican Guard, ASSOFT, the Portuguese Phonographic Association, among others.

During the Christmas season, inspection operations are taking place in the various economic sectors.

As for the estimates for the coming year, António Nunes, president of ASAE, says that the association will continue to invest in searches and inspection of fairs and economic organizations with the aim of minimizing the rate of counterfeiting and marketing of illegal products.

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