ASAE opens criminal cases for piracy and seizes computer equipment

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The Food and Economic Security Authority – ASAE, last week carried out an inspection action, called «CHIP II», to 22 companies and public entities.

The surprise visits, made by more than twenty brigades of the authority, resulted in the opening of four criminal cases for piracy of software and four servers, 101 computers and 388 illicit programs were seized.

Manuel Cerqueira, president of the Portuguese Software Association, says that this inspection «demonstrates an evident reinforcement of inspection actions on companies and public entities by ASAE, exactly in the sense of the partnership established by the two entities» earlier this month, he said in a statement .

The agreement established at the beginning of September between ASSOFT, ASAE and the Attorney General’s Office aims to guarantee to the State new means of combating the piracy of computer programs, in order to consolidate ASAE’s competences in combating the use of illegal software.

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