As usual, Tim Cook and Eddy Cue attended the Sun Valley conference – the “camp” of top executives

Tim Cook and Eddy Cue at the Sun Valley conference

Every year, the investment bank Allen & Company holds a very traditional event in the city of Sun Valley, USA, popularly known as the «summer camp for American top executives».

The fame is not unjustified: over the course of a week, some of the most powerful CEOs and presidents of large companies come together on the spot for a series of lectures, round tables and talks at the lunch table that potentially lead to some very notorious deals was in Sun Valley, for example, that Jeff Bezos began his onslaught to buy the Washington Post; at the same event, 22 years ago, Disney closed the deal to buy ABC.

That is, we are not talking about anything, no.

The technology sector is one of the most well represented at the conference; for that reason, obviously, Apple could not fail to make its presence felt in the lands of the State of Idaho.

As tradition dictates, the CEO Tim Cook and the vice president of software and internet services Eddy Cue they have already landed there and must now be enjoying a nice dinner while telling their competitors about slightly less successful companies.

Tim Cook and Eddy Cue at the Sun Valley conference?How many millions of users are we mad at today, Eddy? Do you remember? ?

The event takes place behind closed doors; therefore, it is very difficult to imagine the real content of the conversations that have taken place there.

Still, it is possible to speculate according to some interesting names that are making their presence felt in the city besides Cook and Cue, we have, for example, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, arms-rights of President Donald Duck, representing the government; in addition to Satya Nadella (Microsoft), Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook), Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Jeffrey Katzenberg (Disney), Jeff Bewkes (Time Warner) and Jack Dorsey (Twitter) apparently, the chances of you being a top executive in a company Fortune 500 rise 78% if your name starts with «J» and a little more if it happens to be «Jeffrey».

I chose to highlight the names of the executives of the media giants (Disney and Time Warner) because, as is well known, Apple has tried without much success, so far a strong agreement with one of these producers for an onslaught in original content; it may be that Sun Valley is the right place for such a conversation.

On the other hand, Jack Dorsey is at the event with clear intentions of saving his social network from the bird, whose financial problems are notorious.

Maybe Cook doesn’t hear my prayers and buy Twitter seen? It would be crazy.

Of course, for now, everything is just speculation the big deals out of this edition of the event in Sun Valley, if any, will certainly be revealed in a few weeks (or a few months).

But if Ma is involved in any of them, naturally, we will have our eyes and ears open.

via Patently Apple