as soon as the unofficial version of iMessage runs on Android

Does Apple's messenger finally come to the side of Android? We still don't know if the bite company will give in so easily to the competing system. However, a video made available on the Internet recently demonstrates how this green robot transition process could work. The app in question is iMessageForAll, which is being developed as an iMessage client.

Apple's messaging service, iMessage, is one of the key features of iPhone. The messenger offers end-to-end encryption and basic customization tools such as emoji, animated pictures and messaging effects. In addition, users of the app can rely on video calling and VoIP calling features. Fully integrated with the platform, iMessage can be used on any handheld device such as iPads, iPods and Apple Watch.

This formula for success, especially for cross-platform integration, has been explored by Google through Hangouts. But we need to be realistic about one thing: Hangouts infinitely less popular than iMessage. Since WWDC 2016 rumors have been emerging around the possible arrival of the apple messenger on devices with the Big G. OS.

The iMessageForAll project gives us a preview of what this integration would be like between both platforms. Play the video below and check it out:

iMessage for Android: Starting with an Unofficial Beta

It's the first time that independent developers are working on trying to bring iMessage to Android. The latest project is iMessageForAll (video), which is freely available through a restricted testing program. The registered user needs to commit to the development of the app by sending feedbacks and registering personal information in the program registration. You can try accessing the project by subscribing to the page below:

IMessageForAll is at an early stage of development and still does not work integrated with iMessage servers. Thus, the user must use an iPhone or Macbook as a host server to test it. All details about running the app on Android are in the official presentation of the project, which can be accessed at the link below:

imessageforall imgur beta
IMessage For All running on Android / moomanjohnny2

The final version of iMessageForAll is expected to be available during the second half of 2017. Many users are questioning project leaders about a possible disruption of the project as a result of interference – legal or otherwise – from Apple. According to the developers, a Cupertino company action may result in the discontinuation of the app, ie it may be that iMessageForAll reaches the Play Store as currently intended.

I believe it will be difficult for developers to proceed with the development of iMessage for Android without Apple interfering in any way. In a somewhat unlikely scenario, the apple company could at least encourage them so that OS users have some integration with the iOS platform.

What did you think of the project?

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