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As soon as it was launched in Brazil, the Apple Pencil has already had its price readjusted [atualizado: iPad mini 2]

There is not even * a week * that the iPad Pro started to be officially sold in Brazil, its main accessory has already had its price readjusted. It's something I don't remember seeing before.

O Apple Pencil, which once cost a trifle of R $ 749, is now going for R $ 849. The values โ€‹โ€‹of the tablet itself, as well as the price of the Smart Keyboard, have not been changed.

Did Apple Brazil get the price wrong? Is demand far beyond supply? Nah, I think nothing explains it

Update ยท 12/07/2015 at 7:50 pm

Another related product was also silently readjusted by Apple Brazil, the iPad mini 2.

iPad mini 2 diagonally white

Interestingly, Apple only increased prices for Wi-Fi versions: the 16GB was R $ 1,999 for R $ 2,399, while the 32GB was R $ 2,149 for R $ 2,549.

Wi-Fi + Cellular models continue to cost R $ 2,849 and R $ 2,999, respectively.

(tip from @pedrohen)