As promised, Apple Music finally arrives on Android

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When Apple announced the Apple Music, in June, she had promised to take the music service also to the platform Android. After all these months, the promise was finally fulfilled and the music app arrived on Google Play today.

Apple Music Android

It is possible to sign up with an Apple ID and enjoy the first 3 months for free, having to pay after this period. However, it is not yet possible to switch to the family plan and users will have to use an iOS device or a Mac for this purpose. Music clips are not yet available for the little green robot platform, but this is temporary. The app is in beta and should be improved over time, but it is strange, because time has not been lacking since June. Launching things in half shouldn’t be Apple’s style, even if it’s an app for another platform.

For those who have an Android device and want to try it, you can download the application at this link.