As expected, iTunes Store now accepts download of movies on iPhone OS 3.0

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Another rumor that proved to be true.

We are already running the Gold Master version of iPhone OS 3.0 which, theoretically, will be the same as the final version that will be released next Wednesday, June 17th.

The first difference we notice is in the iTunes Store, which now allows you to download movies and videos directly to the device.

IPhone movie downloads

The new functionality will allow countries that have a iTunes Store can rent or buy movies, audiobooks, music videos or TV series right on the iPhone or iPod touch.

Music VideosTV shows


For us Latin Americans with no money in the bank or national iTunes Store, there is still a consolation. It is possible (having an American account) to download free videocasts and even videos from iTunes U, an area dedicated to university work. One example is the iPhone programming course at Stanford University, which can be downloaded in its entirety.

iTunes UStanford University

Or, if you prefer, all Apple keynotes since 2007 …

Apple KeynotesApple Keynotes

Also from this version, the menu “More”Presents an option to insert Redeems (promotional codes or gift cards), which by the way is also present in the App Store.

Promotional codesRedeem

The functionality will be available for all iPhone and iPod touch models on iPhone OS 3.0.