As an alternative to Dropbox, Box offers 50GB of free storage.

As an alternative to Dropbox, Box offers 50GB of free storage.

One of the Android apps most downloaded worldwide certainly Dropbox. First of all, it is important to understand that its principle is guided by the concept of cloud computing. In Portuguese, the best translation for this is "cloud computing". What's the point of companies that are specializing in cloud computing? They provide data storage services on super servers that are connected to the Internet. This means that stored data can be accessed by the user from anywhere in the world. Yes, remote data access. What is the big advantage that a company has if it hires such a service? The simple answer: Total security that your data is not lost due to failures that local servers may present. And with all the mobility generated by globalization, an executive who travels to China for business no longer needs to take his documents in one place. pen drive or even an external hard drive at risk of losing them. Just access them remotely "in the clouds".

Clearly, it would be a must-see mistake if Dropbox didn't release a version for smartphones and tablets. And much more if you didn't invest in a Dropbox for Android. It would be enough for its entrepreneurs to read the news that in a big market, like the British, Android is the operating system most used by smartphone and tablet users. Well, since these guys are nothing silly, the Dropbox for Android A reality.

Box: An Alternative to Dropbox

Running after lost time, Google is about to "get in the clouds". Google Drive should be announced soon and sure to address the success of Dropbox. Let's say, however, that Google is losing the race right now, because another service coming from the clouds, more precisely the Box, decided to make a bombshell promotion and that, in terms of storage capacity, puts even the Dropbox leader on the ground (far away from the clouds, therefore). What has not been said is that storing data costs money. Even so, Dropbox is quite "generous" and offers 2GB of free space. Above that, the user must pay a certain monthly fee.

Well, what the Box Unbeatable: Until March 23, the company gives 50GB of space on its servers to Android smartphone owners! This is a promotion that, in our view, is a must. And what do those interested (any silly not be ??) need to do to get 50GB as a gift? Simple: Install the app and login required. So, run the promotion ends in a month!

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