Artist Billie Eilish sets new record on Apple Music

Artist Billie Eilish sets new record on Apple Music

The artist Billie Eilish – which, among other prominent actions on Beats 1 radio and Apple Music itself, had its music used in Apple’s Christmas commercial – set a new record in the streaming musical instrument.

According to Apple data provided to the Music Business Worldwide, their new album – yet to be released – was pre-added to more than 800,000 user libraries.

By pre-adding an album, subscribers can save it to their Apple Music libraries and listen to all the songs that are already released. When the full album is released, Apple adds the entire album to the account. Comparatively speaking – at least in the opinion of executive Oliver Schusser – pre-addition is very similar to a pre-purchase made in the past, when music and CD sales were more relevant than streaming.

Eilish’s team commented on the numbers. Steve Berman, vice president of Interscope, said: “These pre-added numbers are incredibly exciting for Billie, and a real validation of everything that we – the artist, Darkroom, Apple and Interscope – have worked on for the past three years. . Internally, listening to these results, we are all incredibly proud – and that makes us want to work harder, because we can see exactly what the opportunity is. ”

Eilish’s new album, entitled “WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?”, Will be released on March 29th.