Artificial intelligence system can identify digitally manipulated images

Artificial intelligence can be a powerful image editing tool.

Based on the knowledge that allows retouching photographs with minority, Jigsaw developed a system with a different but related purpose.

For this new project, Tecnolgica tried to face a problem that journalists face daily: false information.

The company, which is owned by Alphabet, created an AI tool that is capable of identifying digitally manipulated images.

The system, named Assembler, is able to detect the edited zones in a given image, isolate them and communicate them to the user.

The technology uses seven different digital "detectors" so that nothing escapes you.

The aim is to help information professionals detect false images, in order to reduce the potential risk of spreading false news.

The Assembler is able to identify the best edited photos and the use of the most detailed tools.

The option of cloning patterns, for example, can be very difficult to detect with the naked eye, but it does not include this tool – it is often used to enlarge crowds, for example.

Jared Cohen, CEO of tecnolgica, adds that the tool is still under development and guarantees that it will be made available to journalists.

The addition of systems like this can be essential in combating fake news, at a time when these are not only signs of slowing down, as it has already been possible to prove its real impact on the social order.