Arrival of the new MacBooks Pro is expected to boost Apple's sales performance

The launch of new MacBooks Pro yesterday prompted analysts to re-estimate Mac sales for this quarter. Evidently, the reactions were positive.

MacBook Pro opening up

For Maynard Um, from UBS, each 100,000 extra Macs sold may add about two cents to the diluted earnings (EPS) of Apple in its second fiscal quarter of 2011. We are six weeks from the end of the period, so he keeps a purchase recommendation for NASDAQ: AAPL and a target price of $ 465.

Romit Shah, of Nomura Securities, notes that the adoption of Radeon graphics chips in the more robust models of the new MacBooks Pro should also contribute to improvements in AMD's results.

Apple's shares appear to have begun to recover, after the absurd decline seen in the face of tabloid sensationalism about Steve Jobs' health. They closed with slight highs in the past two days; today, more than 1% are up.

(via Barron’s)