Arriva buses equipped with wireless Internet connections

Sapo opens laboratory at the University of Aveiro

Arriva-Transportes counts on the collaboration of Optimus, NetDominium and AMI-Informática in a pioneering project in Portugal and which has been tested since 10 October. At stake is the Datacar bus @ net system, a platform that allows passengers on a bus to access the Internet directly.

For that, users of the transport need to have a device with Wi-Fi connection. Throughout November, access to this service is free although, from December onwards, usage rules have to be defined depending on the client’s typology.

In a statement, Optimus explains that the payment can be free or paid depending on the time of use, a system designed for users who want to make occasional connections to the Internet.

Optimus’ contribution to this system involves providing know-how multimedia and Internet content, equipping Arriva buses with modems 3.5G.

This system is still limited although it is the aim of the stakeholders to extend it to other passenger transport companies across the country.

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