ARMS is released for the Nintendo Switch

ARMS é lançado para o Nintendo Switch

Take the Joy-Con and get ready for the beating with ARMS for Nintendo Switch

ARMS is released for the Nintendo SwitchARMS for Nintendo Switch is now available

Nintendo’s newest franchise, produced especially for the Nintendo Switch, ARMS is available worldwide. For Brazilians who have the new Big N console, you can already find it on North American eShop for $ 60 (or in Submarino for R $ 274).

ARMS or “Arms” in literal translation, is a beating game in design, in the greatest Nintendo style. In this game, two to four fictional characters face each other with arms that are weapons. Whoever takes down the other player wins first.

Recently, Nintendo made a Direct focused on the game, telling all the details of it. What impresses most in this new game are the mechanics. As a natural evolution of the Wii and its nunchuck, ARMS uses all technology present in Joy-Con.

Unlike Mario Kart 8 Deluxe that the player can share the controller with, in ARMS you must use both Joy-Con, as they represent the right and left arms.

ARMS is Nintendo’s big bet after Splatoon

Big N is not known for launching very different games (aka Mario, Pokémon, Zelda, Metroid …), but this is the second big game in recent years that Nintendo has bet. The first was Splatoon, that will see its continuation next month, and now ARMS.

Healthyo 10 fighters and 18 different arms for players to venture out. Competitions can be either individual, in pairs or even online.

As with all other games, the difference, which has become standard, is the possibility to take the game anywhere and challenge your friends wherever you want. It’s just remove the Nintendo Switch from the dock, pull out the Joy-Con and prepare for the tournament.

ARMS is a game developed and published by Nintendo, for the Nintendo Switch, and it is being released this Friday (16) by $ 60. If purchased digitally, it weighs 2.2GB. Remember that his DLC has already been announced with a new character.

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