Armed bandits invade and steal stock from an authorized Apple reseller at Bauru Shopping [atualizado]

According to JCNET, on Monday morning (6/22) four armed men invaded an Apple authorized reseller located on the third floor of Bauru Shopping, in Bauru (SP).

According to the Bauru City Newspaper, the assailants would have tied the victims inside the store's warehouse fortunately no one was injured during the action.

The assailants reportedly took all the stockpiles of cell phones and electronic equipment that were in the deposit.

The total amount of the damage has not yet been released.

The Military Police were called, but so far no one has been arrested.

Everything indicates that the Apple Authorized Reseller in question MyStore.

We contacted the Herval Group's press office to find out more details.

If more information on the subject comes up, we will update the post.

(tip from Ronaldo Lima)

Update · 06/22/2015 s 19:23

Here is an image captured by the security camera at the time of the robbery (while some of the store's employees are lying on the floor, one of the robbers empties the deposit).

Assault on MyStore

As always in these cases, all IMEIs (international mobile equipment identity, or international identity of the mobile equipment) will be properly blocked, which will practically render the phones useless.