Armed bandits assault iPlace Mobile at Shopping Pátio Limeira [atualizado]

sad to report this kind of thing, but thieves invaded yesterday afternoon (Thursday, January 7) another MyStore store iPlace Mobile, this time at Ptio Limeira Shopping.

The mall staff released the following note:

The press office of Ptio Limeira Shopping comes, through this official note, to inform that today (7/1), in the afternoon, there was a robbery in an electronics store, located on the upper floor.

The action was quick and did not cause victims, thanks to the security of the shopping center, which, triggered, adopted procedures during the action to guarantee the integrity of all.

The management of the enterprise is taking the necessary measures and assisting the police.

Security cameras are being analyzed.

According to the Military Police, four armed thieves committed the crime and witnesses saw when the bandits left the store with bags full of goods.

Obviously, there was a rush.

The police do not confirm, but, as we can see on the video, everything indicates that the bandits fired shots when one of the security guards tried to intervene.

Fortunately, no one was hurt.

The amount taken in Apple products was also not disclosed.

(tip from Pedro Henrique Munhoz, via Fast NoAr: 1, 2)

Update · 01/09/2016 s 22:02

And it wasn’t just iPlace Mobile in Limeira that was mugged, no.

According to Popular Mail, six armed bandits also invaded the group's store at Polo Shopping Indaiatuba on January 6 (Wednesday).

According to PM Captain Alexandre Vlerio, the group entered the mall posing as customers, and, inside the store, surrendered the employees who were placed in the warehouse.

The crime was only noticed when the gang left the parking lot in two cars.

A mall watchman tried to stop the bad guys, but ended up getting shot in the shoulder, he is doing well, luckily.

The police, however, quickly arrived at the scene and were received by the bandits with gunshots.

One of the vehicles carrying four of the six robbers was intercepted by the PM and with them part of the stolen goods and weapons used during the robbery were seized.

The fifth assailant tried to escape on foot and was arrested in a nearby neighborhood.

The sixth, who was fleeing in another car, was also caught by the police.

In total 36 iPhones, 3 Macs, 2 iPads, 10 iPods and a headset were stolen.

The six members of the gang already had passages in the police for several crimes.

According to Fbio Chagas (civil guard), they have already made several robberies in the Metropolitan Region of Campinas that totaled more than R $ 4 million in robberies.

(tip from Thiago Gabe)