ARM records new record sales with success in the mobile segment

ARM records new record sales with success in the mobile segment

ARM logoIn 2010, ARM recorded a new record turnover of approximately US $ 263 million, the highest in the last ten years. The reasons for the company's success are linked to the contracts signed for the licensing of processor architectures, developed specifically with a focus on mobile devices.

Today, its technology can be found in a huge variety of electronic products, from smartphones to set-top boxes for televisions. According to the company's CEO, Warren East, profits have grown considerably with each new mobile device launched on the market, since the absolute majority of them are based on some type of processing architecture developed by ARM.

Apple, one of the founders of ARM, is considered to be one of the main responsible for this success, since all its current generation of digital electronics outside of Macs is based on processors developed under licenses from the British company. From iPhone 4 to Apple TV, Ma's products have sold millions of units around the world.

For the future, ARM should grow even more thanks to the support of new technology giants. At CES this year, Microsoft announced its project to develop the next generation of Windows in a way compatible with mobile processors, which should motivate hardware manufacturers to create products with greater mobility and performance with less energy consumption.

(via AppleInsider)