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ARM Launches New Chip with Performance Gains That Should Match It to the 2016 Apple A10

ARM presented yesterday its newest CPU, the Cortex-A76, which will be used as the basis for the architecture of the upcoming Snapdragon (Qualcomm), Exynos (Samsung), Kirin (Huawei) and many others used by Android smartphones.

The main promises for this chip are 35% higher performance and 40% higher energy efficiency, thanks mainly to the 7nm manufacturing process.

O AnandTechSo, I already decided to put the likely performance gains of the Cortex-A76 on a Geekbench chart including some current chips and also Apple's last two, the A11 Bionic and the A10 Fusion. See s:

Benchmarks with ARM Cortex-A76

Yes, my friends, projection Cortex-A76 running at 3GHz will match the Apple A10 processor released in 2016 with the iPhones 7/7 Plus.

Detail: This new ARM CPU should only be adopted and implemented on 2019 smartphones. In the meantime, three months from now we should see the release of new iPhones with the chip. A12 Apple, further widening this difference.

This only proves, once again, what we have been following in recent generations of “A” chips. At least in this department, Apple is at least two years ahead of the whole industry. And it gives no signs of slowing down.

via 9to5Mac