ARM executive expects more than 50 tablets for sale in 2010

ARM executive expects more than 50 tablets for sale in 2010

Of course, for many people, only the iPad will suffice as a tablet in 2010, but it will not be the only device of its kind to attract users' attention this year. According to an ARM executive, the forecast is that more than 50 models of tablets will be available for purchase by December, worldwide and it looks like they do not even mention other models that will appear with Atom processors, from Intel.

Roy Chen, manager of ARM, also said that many of them will be linked to operators through mobile internet plans, through third generation cellular networks. In addition to Apple, which will start in this market in April, some tablet manufacturers will present them until May, but most will leave the launches for the third quarter of this year.

Until then, according to Chen, we will already see tablets with 3G support in the ten largest operators in the world (including AT&T, Vodafone and Orange) running modified versions of Android and Windows CE. For the second half, there is a strong expectation that some of them will appear running Chrome OS, Google's operating system based on web technologies.

However, even with the supply of tablets for 2010 being full of different devices, it is difficult to predict how successful these devices will be among users. Just when it comes to Apple, there have been several confusing estimates about the success of the iPad this year, but, in my opinion, it will be difficult for many people to consider buying more expensive devices that run the same operating system as a smartphone in addition to containing the practically the same hardware.

(via Engadget)