Imagination Technologies Announces New Generation of Graphics Hardware Currently Used in iPhones / iPods Touch

ARM compares a member of its new generation of processors (which can be used on iPhones) with Intel Atom chips

The opening of CES should also bring important news from ARM, related to its new generation of processors entirely destined for mobile devices. Its products based on the Cortex A9 architecture promise to bring parallel processing techniques to the mobile scene, something that should offer more powerful devices with better battery life and some Apple products should take advantage of this in the future.

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It is possible to check some of the performance of these chips by watching the comparison above, which places an Atom netbook side by side with pre-production Cortex A9 hardware. Although the performance of both for navigation is similar, the Intel processor of the ultraportable runs at 1,600MHz (1.6GHz), while the unit built by ARM has a 500MHz CPU. Such efficiency can make any manufacturer think about dispensing with Intel's mobile solutions, and that's what Apple is supposed to have done.

There are already sources who believe in Apple's involvement in processor designs based on this ARM architecture, but there are several manufacturers that are allied with it for manufacturing devices. Anyway, high performance on mobile devices is still not a factor much explored by many of them and 2010 is trying to end it.

(via MacRumors)