ARM chips for future Macs could cost up to 60% less than Intel's

ARM chips for future Macs could cost up to 60% less than Intel’s

ARM chips for future Macs could cost up to 60% less than Intel's

A few weeks ago, the well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that the first Macs equipped with ARM chips could reach the end of this year. Now, he not only reaffirmed that possibility, he also inferred that Apple plans to launch multiple computers with their own processors in 2021 – released the MacRumors.

More than that, Kuo believes that processors based on the ARM architecture will significantly increase the competitive advantage of the Mac line, in addition to reducing Apple’s costs for processors. 40% The 60% (for parts currently purchased from Intel).

The adoption of ARM architecture on Mac chips will allow Apple more «independence» in the development of new hardware, since the company will not depend on the tasks of the American chip maker. Finally, this will be another way to further distance the specifications of Macs and PCs.

In the long run, Kuo hopes that the adoption of this technology will substantially increase sales of Apple computers. Currently, Apple sells about 20 million of Macs annually, but that number could increase to 30 million of units.


Despite the “savings” provided by the adoption of ARM chips, Apple may have to bear some additional costs that stem from this.

Today, the company uses the USB controller integrated in the chipset Intel on Macs, and with the move, Apple will have to obtain this technology from another vendor – presumably from ASMedia Technology, which may be responsible for deploying the USB4 protocol on Macs.

In this regard, Kuo speculates that Apple will continue to support USB 3.1 in 2020 and 21. As of 2022, ASMedia may develop the new USB4 controllers for Macs – which is based on the Thunderbolt 3 interface, with some improvements.