ARM again denies rumors according to Apple; analysts try to end the matter

ARM logoIn announcing its latest financial results today, ARM officially reiterated that there is no open acquisition proposal from Apple, as the company's CEO said last week. During the event, Warren East highlighted the iPhone and iPad as the main responsible for the growth of its sale of semiconductors, but recalled that its goal is to stimulate innovation in the entire mobile device market, something that would not continue after its acquisition by a manufacturer. .

The more smartphones evolve, the more ARM technology they require, East said, referring to the huge market for devices created with the company's processor architectures. Despite the possibility that Apple could have raised its stock price last week, its current performance should be influenced only by the impact of its financial results, which were very good during the last fiscal quarter.

However, investors are not yet putting faith in ARM's potential after it denied the possibility of a purchase proposal coming from Apple. ISuppli is one of the financial analysis companies that tries to close the issue once and for all, stressing that there is no need to acquire one in the current scenario. Just because ARM's intellectual property is important for handsets doesn't suggest that it has strategic value for Apple, said William Kidd, a consultant at iSuppli.

Even with positive numbers for the last fiscal quarter, at the moment ARM's shares are falling on NASDAQ, being quoted at US $ 11.57.

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