Argentina also wants Magalhães

Teixeira Duarte تبني مصنعًا لـ Magalhães في فنزويلا

The Secretary of State for Communities confirmed that Argentina is also interested in the Magalhães computer. On a visit to that Latin American country, António Braga confirmed his interest in the laptop and added that a visit by a technical team is already scheduled in the country, which between the 12th and the 14th of this month will detail to the Government the potential of the equipment and give know the underlying business proposal.

«There is a willingness shown by the Minister of Education and by several officials of the Government of Argentina to get to know» the project, the official told Lusa.

«I believe that Portugal has yet another opportunity to expand its capabilities with regard to new technologies as well, as has been demonstrated, and has been very successful in different countries, as recently demonstrated with Venezuela», he adds.

The agreement with Argentina may already assume some participation by Venezuela in the production of content for equipment or some components. It is recalled that the Chávez Government had already admitted that the agreement signed with Portugal supposed that some production of the equipment could eventually be located in the country.