Are your apps closing for no reason? WebView is to blame!

Apakah aplikasi Anda ditutup tanpa alasan?  WebView yang harus disalahkan!

In the past few days, many users are getting in touch to find out why Android apps are failing so often.

The fault seems to be the WebView software resource, a component of the system that became available as an upgradeable application through the Play Store.

The application reaches version 42.0.2311.138 and the Android developers guarantee that it will now.

webview app update problems

Are your apps closing for no reason? WebView is to blame! / © ANDROIDPIT

Each developer can display web content within their application without having to redirect the user to the mobile browser.

So, you can stay inside the application, without the need to change services.

All of this is only possible because of WebView, however, the feature was more there than here and the problem fell on developers who started hearing millions of complaints about the functioning of their applications.

However, all bug fixes are the responsibility of Google, as this is a feature specific to Android and is related to the stability and security of the OS.

Thus, the search giant began to release the WebView update with the following corrections:

  • Correction of flaws in online video;
  • New solutions added to convert the problems with the graphics drivers that were causing the devices to fail.

Android system web viewInstall on Google Play

webview app update

New version of WebView promises to fix flaws in applications on Android 5.



Apparently the problems with crashing apps started to appear a few weeks ago and were quickly related to WebView.

It is worth remembering that not all devices are suffering from this bug, but if your device runs on Android Lollipop 5.0.x or 5.1 and is experiencing constant errors like crashes without displaying a specific error message when you access certain videos, or web pages that do not load, you need to update WebView.

If you have not yet received the service update and can no longer bear to have the use of applications compromised by this bug, please be aware that the APK is now available and has been tested by different sources.

However, it must be kept in mind that the APK comes from an unknown source and, according to the latest privacy issues involving downloading the package with version 2.12.45 of WhatsApp, please be advised that downloading this APK will be at your own risk.

So, was your Android showing problems related to WebView malfunction?