Are you looking for a job? There is a new platform with tools to return to the professional path

Are you looking for a job? There is a new platform with tools to return to the professional path

Job insecurity is a reality exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. With the shutdown of business, many are now in lay-off or have even lost their jobs. JobClub, a new project of the tech4COVID19 movement, wants to support or resume its professional course.

According to Helena Muniz, project coordinator, mentioned in a statement, the creation of the initiative was motivated by the current context of the labor market, where many people are reevaluating their professional paths.

We wanted to intervene in order to train those looking for a new job opportunity, creating and identifying job opportunities that can be adapted to each profile, explains the coordinator of JobClub

The free platform provides a set of tools to train those looking for work. Through JobClub it is possible to participate in online sessions with themes centered around strategies to find jobs, assess career possibilities and skills and also market opportunities.

In addition to the sessions, participants will have access to mentoring and technical advice, guided by the team and project guests. The resources made available help JobClub members to gain the initiative to look for the next professional challenge and Helena Muniz explains that the project does not add job offers, nor does it guarantee the hiring of professionals, being more focused on training.

To participate, interested parties must complete the form on the platform. In addition, they may also be part of the project's first webinar. With the theme Feedback on the Spot, recruiters Flvia Costa, Gonalo Sequeira and Maria Joo Ribeiro will have a session to evaluate their CVs and LinkedIn profiles and share some tips to improve them. The online event will take place on the 8th of July, and it is necessary to pre-register in order to participate.