Are you going to travel and can't speak English? Carry an essential smartphone kit

Are you going to travel and can't speak English? Carry an essential smartphone kit

How will I access the internet?

Before you even go, consult your carrier about international data plans. Links are not very important, but data may be essential to your survival. But keep an eye out: some operators charge an absurd price for international packages.

AndroidPIT drimsim 9862
Buying a SIM chip in the country a great idea / AndroidPIT

Therefore, it is best to buy a native chip. At the country's own airports you will find operator kiosks selling special packages for tourists, and the price will be much cheaper. Search Google for which ones are available at the airport you will be landing at.

Until you can turn around in public WiFis, restaurants and the hotel where you will be staying, but on the street can be very important to consult maps and other apps that will need internet.

What if the battery runs out?

If the battery runs out, there's no point in having a chip, data plan, and a good arsenal of apps to help you. So take an external battery with you in your backpack to get a new charge until you get back to your hotel or near an outlet.

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A powerbank can be useful in any situation /
<p>A small 5000 mAh already helps, as it ensures an extra load to the device. But if you can, you will have a more secure 10,000 mAh and can recharge any other devices you have. Good batteries can be found from $ 85.</p><div class='code-block code-block-4' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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Can I learn before I go?

No matter how many days until the trip, there is always time to learn something. And one of the best apps for that is Duolingo. Simply and unpretentiously, with quick exercises, he teaches you the basics of many languages, and always works to keep you well-kept in the head.

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Duolingo the best app to learn a language / AndroidPIT (screenshot)
<p>It is free and massively used by millions of people around the world. It works by gamification system, so it encourages you to practice through XP gain, challenges and activities. really cool. Need internet.</p>
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Duolingo: English and Spanish
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What if I need to read labels and plates?

Having to stop others on the street, in a market, or in a mall to ask questions can be difficult. That's why Google has the best solution you can get without human interaction. The Google Translate app is already installed on almost every smartphone, but if it's not installed on yours, it's free.

google translate 1
Download languages ​​before the trip / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

With it on, go to the side menu of the three risks. Click on "Offline Translation" and download the required languages. Do this before you travel so you don't have to rely on data or WiFi afterwards.

google translate 2
s aim the camera of the app you want to translate / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Then in the main window, select the languages ​​to translate and then tap the camera icon. Align the text to be translated in the highlighted area and try to stay still. The app will translate the text on top of the image. It doesn't work 100%, but with the 80% it offers it may already be the difference between knowing if that can has or not that ingredient to which you are allergic. It works offline.

Google translator
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What if you buy clothes and shoes?

There are times when it cools down and you need a more substantial coat, or you have gone through those wonderful outlets and are bringing sneakers, T-shirts and socks for the whole family. But the sizes are bizarre and you don't know which one to take without embarrassment.

right size app
No more erroneous gifts / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

The free Right Size app and helps with that. It is not very beautiful, but it helps in a didactic way to understand what XS and L is and also to realize that a size 10.5 shoe is not for children, but for adults with well-toed feet. It works offline.

Right size
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And if the problem with units and measurements overall, there's more free app that helps with that. The Unit Converter (name without creativity, but practical) will "translate" anything you need.

converter app
Why use Fahrenheit, Inches, Onas and Wales? / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

This is very useful, as countries like the United States and the United Kingdom like to confuse tourists and have different units for temperature, weight, length, volume and many others. Again, it can get rid of shame in a market or something. It works offline on just about anything but currency, which will need the internet to consult the current conversion.

Unit Converter: Tools, Currency
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What if you want to know places?

Before you leave asking for tourist spots for anyone on the street using incomprehensible words, try TripAdvisor. A free app that brings out the best recommendations based on millions of people's ratings. It's hard to make a mistake like that.

In the app home, tell where you want to go, with city and country. He already shows you hotels, restaurants, and what to do. A list of the top rated locations appears, and you can filter activities or find the location on a map. Clicking on the spot gives you a complete profile, including opening and closing times and how long the activity lasts.

trip advisor
Organize each day of the trip / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

There is also, in the lower menu, the Travel section, where you tell where you are going and for how long. In the activities you choose, click on the heart and choose the trip. Then, on the travel page, just organize everything and choose what activities you want to do on which days, and everything is already planned. Need internet.

TripAdvisor: Hotels, Restaurants, Flights, Attractions
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And to walk around without relying heavily on data, the HERE app has been requested, a very complete map that can be downloaded to your smartphone and accessed offline. D to download an entire country or state at a time, respecting the space available on your device. You can also mark the places you want to go in advance.

here maps
Map without internet! / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Knowing where you're going takes one of the best ways to ensure your travel safety without relying on information from strangers or looking lost.

Install on Google Play

What if I need to talk or ask something?

Artificial intelligence stands for it. Nowadays, it is already possible to talk almost instantly with someone who does not speak your language. The Google Translate app itself, which we already quote here, helps with that.

In the main app window, tap the microphone. In the window that appears, you can clearly say what you want. The app will translate on time to the requested language. No internet connection, it translates only to text. With network access, it also turns into speech.

google translate 3
Chat whatever you need via the Google Translate / AndroidPIT app (screenshot)

If you want to talk to someone, click the hand icon at the top of the screen and show the phrase that appears the person you want to talk to. So each one goes talking and the app translates on time. As always, it doesn't work 100%, but it's often better than just having your ear and little knowledge of the language.

Google translator
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app u dictionary
Never fail to take a dictionary with you / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

And for punctual consultations, a good shoulder dictionary is always useful. With U-Dictionary you have access to thousands of words and their definitions, as well as lessons, word of the day and quick access to the notification bar. I can even hear the pronunciation of the word. free and works offline, just need to download the language first.

English-Portuguese Dictionary | U-Dictionary
Install on Google Play

Did you find these tips useful? How is your English level?

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