Are you going now? 2021 iPhones may have Touch ID under the screen and Face ID

Are you going now?  2021 iPhones may have Touch ID under the screen and Face ID

Each year, the launch of new iPhones proves that certain rumors are only on the theoretical level, so that, over time, they are discarded by most analysts. This, however, is not yet the case for the possibility that the iPhone get a Touch ID again – not to replace Face ID, but to complement it.

Who revived the hopes of Touch ID lovers this time was himself Ming-Chi Kuo, a well-known analyst at TF International Securities. He said he believed Apple would launch an iPhone with Touch ID under the screen (without a button) in 2021! Last month, we commented that Apple could launch such a device only in China (later this year), to try to recover from weak sales in the country.

Kuo based the most recent rumors on Apple patents related to a digital reader mechanism built into the display itself and the expansion of FOD technology on several Android devices, suggesting that Apple should pursue this trend and offer two authentication methods for the first time. time on iPhones.

In terms of technology, we anticipate that four critical FOD technical issues will significantly improve 12 or 18 months from now, including module thickness, detection area, energy consumption and the throughput rate of the rolling process. Therefore, we believe that Apple will launch a new iPhone equipped with Face ID and FOD to increase security and convenience thanks to multi-biometrics.

The analyst also infers that Apple should use a variant of Qualcomm’s biometrics system that expands the biometric detection area, allowing the user to position their finger anywhere in an even larger area for digital authentication to be performed. (as the Apple patent describes).

Last but not least, Kuo also predicted that the Apple Watch will gain biometrics feature in the future, and unlike following the Face ID trend, the watch should have a fingerprint sensor under the screen to facilitate user authentication. This rumor, however, is even more distant than the return of Touch ID to iPhones, so it will be up to time to reveal more details about it.

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