Are you an Opera user? Your passwords may have been stolen


Opera Browser developers have announced that they have detected traces of an attack on their servers that may have compromised the browser sync function, OperaSync, so users may have been exposed and the recommendation is to change passwords.

According to the developers, the attack was quickly blocked, however, users of OperaSync, the browser feature that allows you to synchronize data between devices, as well as Firefox and Chrome Sync, may have had their data compromised. When a user synchronizes their data, they usually end up taking their browsing history and passwords saved on websites, as well as bookmarks and personalized browser settings.

There is no great reason to panic, according to the company, but the recommendation is that if you use OperSync, change your password, and here are always those basic password security tips:

– Use a long password, at least 8 characters.

– Use special characters.

– Use numbers.

– Use upper and lower case letters.

It is always very good to take these precautions, regardless of where you use your passwords. To learn more about the invasion see the Opera blog.

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