Are you addicted to WhatsApp? Discover the result in 10 steps!

Are you addicted to WhatsApp?  Discover the result in 10 steps!

«Telegram, I need to switch to Telegram». All good intentions, almost always, end up kept at the bottom of memory. WhatsApp is not an application, but a real addiction and, therefore, it is difficult to let go. There are competitors as good as, but most of your friends use this app, right? In fact, it has become a ritual to ask if a person has WhatsApp before asking for their phone number. The question here is, do you consider yourself addicted to WhatsApp? At the end of this questionnaire, you will be able to know if WhatsApp helps or interferes with your life.

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Are you addicted to WhatsApp? Discover the result in 10 steps. / © AndroidPIT

Answer each question honestly and add up your points. In the end, you will know your diagnosis.

1. What was the maximum time you spent without looking at WhatsApp?

  • A moment, I just received a message on WhatsApp. (10 points)
  • Since I received the last message, of course. (7 points)
  • I look constantly, but only during working hours. In leisure time you forget that it exists. (4 points)
  • 6 hours (and it was a WhatsApp from your mother or your ex). (1 point)

2. The day the blue double check was announced …

  • He turned his life into hell. (10 points)
  • You have rooted your device and disabled the feature using an Xposed module. (7 points)
  • It changed your life, because now people know when you’re ignoring them. (4 points)
  • Does WhatsApp have a double check? (1 point)

3. While you sleep …

  • To sleep? What is it? For you, life is passing by every second and you don’t want to waste time sleeping. (10 points)
  • It leaves the phone in «vibrate» mode and even if the cell phone vibrates all night, you sleep, because the sleep is priceless. (7 points)
  • Turn off your smartphone, because you sleep together and do not want disturbances during sleep. (4 points)
  • Sleep is sacred and you hang up the phone. Even though I went to sleep at 2 am because of my smartphone. (1 point)

4. Last week WhatsApp Web was launched and you …

  • He was fired from his job. (10 points)
  • You’re using it on your tablet, PC, Mac and office. (7 points)
  • He finds the most useless thing since the double check announcement. (4 points)
  • What is it? (It is not worth choosing this option if you use WhatsApp on the iPhone). (1 point)

5. Using WhatsApp groups …

  • Total happiness. (10 points)
  • What a joy, I don’t need to see the family in person anymore. (7 points)
  • Silences the group for a year. (4 points)
  • Silences the group and all its members that were part of it for the rest of their lives. (1 point)

6. When you meet someone at a party …

  • You go crazy, ask for WhatsApp at the same time and start checking your status every 30 seconds to know when you will be asked for a conversation. (10 points)
  • You go crazy, you have the same behavior as the previous option with the difference that you know you are crossing the line. (7 points)
  • You ask for the phone number, but you end up sending a message via WhatsApp. (4 points)
  • You ask for the phone and call later. (1 point)

7. When WhatsApp is updated with some function that nobody needs …

  • You go to to download the APK of the latest version and post a screenshot on your social networks showing that you are awesome! (10 points)
  • You only access to download the APK of the latest version, without making a fuss. (7 points)
  • You don’t give a damn and wait for the OTA update to arrive sometime and automatically update the app. (4 points)
  • Your WhatsApp version is 1.5.3 or lower. (1 point)

8. When you access AndroidPIT and find new news about WhatsApp, you …

  • For whatever you’re doing to read the news. (10 points)
  • I want to read now! (7 points)
  • You unsubscribe from our community, remove the site from your news feeds, stop following us on Facebook, Twitter, complain about it on Google+ and uninstall our app. (4 points)
  • He thinks: «Wow, another news to get easy clicks!». (1 point)

9. Your mom sends that nice poop-shaped emoticon, you …

  • Respond with a flower. (10 points)
  • Write to say you’re still busy. (7 points)
  • He warns that this was not a pleasant message to receive from Mom. (4 points)
  • Your mother does not know how to send an SMS and it is not you who will teach. (1 point)

10. When you go to the bathroom …

  • WhatsApp is essential on this occasion: without it, it does not roll. (10 points)
  • It has a charger for your smartphone next to the toilet. (7 points)
  • See WhatsApp, but only after washing your hands. (4 points)
  • Never take your smartphone with you, as any disturbance can compromise the entire process. (1 point)

Is WhatsApp already part of your life or is your life part of WhatsApp? / © ANDROIDPIT

The diagnosis

1-20 points. «The thing».

You are like Russell Crowe, in A Brilliant Mind, but without a wonderful mind. Either way, weirdos have their charm, so follow this path and be strong. However, be careful not to exclude yourself from this new online interaction via WhatsApp completely.

From 21-50 points. «There is still salvation, however small.»

You can still have salvation, but the possibilities are the same as Luke’s to destroy the Death Star. So, there are two solutions: either you win the lottery and live on a Pacific island without any operator coverage, or WhatsApp declares bankruptcy and disappears.

From 51-75 points. «Road of no return».

You are on the brink, like Thelma and Louise, but without the romantic factor. It’s time to end your addiction and throw your smartphone off a cliff. To start, you can also switch to using Telegram or Line; as you will not use any of them for obvious reasons, you will gradually get used to loneliness.

More than 76 points. «I steal».

You will not understand anything that is written here, as you can only read through emoticons and emojis. Anyway, getting help and human contact is necessary, but there doesn’t seem to be much solution in your case, as you already see life in shades of green.


What is your diagnosis? Do you have a friend who needs to know the results? Would you be able to quit your addiction or do you have any advice for other addicts? Don’t forget to leave your score in the comments below!