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Are you a fan of “jigsaw” puzzles? We challenge to complete a single piece in this image with 1.2 million

Traditional puzzles, those with 1,000 or 5,000 pieces are authentic children's games at the foot of this colossus in digital version. The Million Piece Mission is a virtual puzzle, designed to host several players simultaneously to solve the final image: an image of the American Air Force from an airplane hangar.

But don't be fooled by the name, the image does not have a million pieces, but 1.2 million small inserts to create the image based on a gigapixel photograph from the Fora Area museum. But wait … When you click on any of your pieces, instead of having to find and fit them, each one transports you to the real puzzle: a smaller version with 400 pieces (20×20), with different difficulties which must be completed in order for the respective part to appear in the large image.

That is, imagine that you choose a part of a plane plate, in which it is almost all white. The puzzle is exactly that, completing the white piece, trying to literally guess where to place the pieces. If it finds the place of the piece, it is permanently stuck, thus leaving its contribution. Each puzzle has a difficulty, the percentage of progress towards completion and the number of players you are trying to solve, a maximum of 10 for each major.

The technology behind the puzzle is generally surprising, as if it were an MMO where you can even see other players' cursors scrambling through the image. And if it is not organized, and leaving the pieces scattered around the puzzle area untidy, it will only contribute to the chaos, making it difficult to see if they are in fact well fitted or not. You can invite friends to help, as each mini puzzle has its own link and register to record your contribution. While playing, you will also have access to the museum's curiosities and stories about the army's war machines.

Therefore, we reinforce the challenge of the title: good luck in placing a single piece on the board.