Are there “really good” videos on YouTube?

YouTube Joke

YouTube Joke

According to the Blogoscoped, the humor website Onion recently made a fake video saying the YouTube video portal would launch a $ 100,000 contest to reward a user who was able to make a “good” video.

Taking advantage of the joke, YouTube added a new tab in its interface that invites users to watch videos that are “really good” (Actually Good), displayed in the navigation menu where the video from Onion is present.

When clicking on this new tab, the user is taken to the category of “best rated videos of the day”. Do you still have any doubts that there are really good videos? Check out this super video.


This is not the first time that YouTube has made a joke. Last October, the Google video portal added a new button in the comments area that allows users to hear their own comments. Reason? Read here.