Are Android apps inferior to iOS?

Apakah aplikasi Android lebih rendah daripada iOS?

Android is exploding throughout the developed and developing world, practically reaching worldwide omnipresence. With more than 10 billion (!!!) of apps downloaded, the Android Market continues to be compared to a dumpster full of apps contaminated by malware that yield nothing to developers. Everyone complains that Android apps are not as good as their iOS versions. Even well-known Tech Crunch writers say the Android Market has insufficient quality control to prevent apps with malware from being distributed

According to Flurry research, it’s much better for programmers to develop apps for iOS. Yes that’s right! Apparently Apple’s closed ecosystem is more attractive to most developers, as they can make a lot more paid apps. So, who will make the Android apps?

Critics say that while Android nerds brag about having the fastest, most customizable and sleek devices on the market, these super gadgets don’t have the best programs to show off their performance. It is frustrating to think that all this incredible technology is being wasted on apps that are just … junk.

Or is this criticism rubbish? Gameloft games, as well as others developed exclusively for Nvidia chips, show impressive graphics and extremely realistic 3D scenarios. We had several great examples last year, including «Where’s My Water?» and «Cut the Rope». Of course, Angry Birds, GTA 3 and Modern Combat have also achieved results that are worth remembering.

Of the Top 25 games on iOS, Android has a version for almost all of them.

Of course, the Android platform may not be the first to be remembered when a new game is released. However, the myth that iOS has better apps than Android should not be based on facts.

To prove that Android apps are comparable to their iOS versions, we at the AndroidPIT team will post comparison videos between the iPhone 4S and the Galaxy S2 running the most downloaded apps from the App Store and Android Market. Do you have any suggestions for apps to compare? Leave your comment below!

We hope in the coming days to dispel the rumor that Android apps don’t do as well as their iOS versions.