ArcMenu arrives at version 38 with KRunner layout added

Extensive for Gnome comes with more enhancements and fixes, plus a new layout.

The Gnome extension, ArcMenu, brings one of the coolest features I can do to transform Gnome in another graphic environment, such as Cinnamon, XFCE, Windows 7th and so on.

ArcMenu arrives at verse 38 with KRunner layout added About two months ago, we made an article showing the news of version 33 of this extension, which you can check here.

Since then, there have been several improvements and punctual corrections in the code until it reaches version 38.

One of the distros that uses the ArcMenu, the ZorinOS.

Now in ArcMenu version 38, 3 more layout options for Menus have been added, which are: Windows 10, KRunner and Budgie.

With this, the extension brings with it a wide variety of layouts to suit a wide range of users.

Still had some other corrections, for example:

Fixed Pin to Arc Menu and Unpin from Arc Menu option;

Fixed Dash to Panel support for multi-monitors;

To check all corrections and updates, you will consult this link.

If you want to use ArcMenu, you will need to access the GNOME Extensions website, which you can access here.

We have an article teaching how to install and manage extensions in GNOME, which you can check out here.

I need to have Gnome 3.28 or later.

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