ArcMenu 33 arrives with GNOME 3.34 support and several other new features

ArcMenu 33 arrives with GNOME 3.34 support and several other new features

On the last 5/10, ArcMenu – an extension for GNOME Shell that provides a menu of applications and shortcuts on the panel – released its version number 33. With support for GNOME Shell 3.34, and the addition of several features.

For a large number of users, the use of extensions in GNOME Shell is indispensable. As much as they are not maintained by the project itself, they provide features that, for many (like me), are what the GNOME Shell needed to become the ideal graphical environment.

Not sure what it is, or how to install and manage extensions in GNOME Shell? We have a post here on the blog that will remove all, or at least the vast majority of your doubts.

If you are «up to date» with the latest GNOME-related news, then you know that in the latest versions it has received a very good range of polish and new features, as well as «absurd» performance improvements. Keeping up with the pace, the developers who maintain several of the extensions have done the same. And the ArcMenu people were not left behind. As you can see below.

So, what’s new?

• ArcMenu now offers a selection of several different layouts, including some more in the Windows «Start Menu» style, Linux Mint’s «Cinnamon Menu», XFCE’s Whisker Menu, among others.

  • Select from several pre-defined themes, or create your own;
  • Import and export themes;
  • GNOME 3.34 support;
  • Option to hide the system shutdown button;
  • Increase the size of application icons;
  • Edit icons and names of application shortcuts;
  • New ArcMenu logo;
  • Performance improvements;
  • Integration with the DashToPanel extension, which will allow “drag and drop” application shortcuts, between ArcMenu and the panel on the DashToPanel;
  • Open files located inside folders directly from the search engine.

Several other improvements that you can check out in launch page from ArcMenu, on Gitlab. Install ArcMenu from the GNOME Shell Extensions.

I have been using GNOME Shell as my default graphical interface for just over a month, and since then I have never used ArcMenu-style menus. I use GNOME Shell in its default layout. However, after reading and seeing the new ArcMenu features, I was very tempted to test it.

Do you use ArcMenu, or some other similar extension? What did you think of the new features? Tell us in the comments.

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