Arc Menu gains performance improvements and new functions


Many who arrive in the Linux world, are largely using some version of Gnome, which may be the “Pure” version (Vanilla) or some modification, as is done by Pop! _OS, Ubuntu, ZorinOS and among other distros. One of the extensions used in these modifications is the Arc-Menu, and the new version received an update.

In version 30 of Arc-Menu, the developers said they had substantial improvements, such as updates and changes to the code base, thus improving their performance on the system. It was mentioned that there was also an improvement in the integration with Gnome-Shell and the dash to panel.

Now the Arc-Menu search has an improved integration with that of the system, with some very interesting ones, such as:

  • Integration with installed applications;
  • With the file manager (Files);

Added support for scaling in 4k, as well as improved support for Wayland and x11.

Now in the Arc-Menu settings, you can enable support for External and Favorite Devices.

By enabling this option, you will have access to your external HD, DVD / CD player, secondary HD and FTP and SFTP for example. A real hand on the wheel. As stated before, it now has a better integration to the dash to panel, thus bringing harmonization for those who use the two extensions together.


Another novelty, still within the research part, is the integration of the Arc-Menu with the options configured in the system, which you access in Settings> Search. Thus appearing everything in one place.


You can check all the improvements with more technical details, accessing the project’s GitLab.

To access these new features and improvements, you need to have Gnome 3.32. With that, just go to the Arc-Menu page in Gnome Extensions and enable it.

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