AR Telecom reduces investment in Portugal and channels 340 million euros abroad

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Ar Telecom will abandon the national coverage project with its telecommunications offer. The company’s investments will be channeled to other markets, namely Brazil and Greece, where it intends to invest more than 340 million euros this year.

The news reported by Diário Económico also states that Ar Telecom’s decision involves the business opportunities offered «abroad», where it is «more profitable to invest», emphasizes Miguel Martins, president of the operator.

It is in this line of thought that Ar Telecom will channel its attention – and a large part of the budget of 800 million euros – in Brazil and Greece, at least for the next two years.

With the investment in the largest country in Latin America, which is expected to reach 40 million euros this year, AR Telecom wants to achieve market leadership in MMDS, digital and wireless access technology with which the group provides television, Internet and telephone . The remaining 300 million euros will be invested in Greece, which, according to the company, will become the basis for expansion to the surrounding countries, such as Bulgaria and Turkey, where there is little telecommunications infrastructure.

For Portugal, the objectives outlined so far are not entirely suspended although the investment for this year does not exceed 20 million euros and the focus regions are centered in Porto and Lisbon.

Even abandoning the project to cover the national territory with its telecommunications technology, the operator says that the work done so far will bring positive operational results this year.

Finally, Miguel Martins asserts to Diário Económico that the separation of TV Cabo from Portugal Telecom had an impact on the company’s decision and that the weak return on invested capital led the group not to proceed to the DTT tender. That said, now AR Telecom’s priority objective is to «make money» through «a balanced operation».

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