Ar Telecom moves forward with interactive marketing solutions for companies

Sapo opens laboratory at the University of Aveiro

Ar Telecom announced the availability of three new interactive marketing tools aimed at companies in various sectors of activity.

Two of the solutions work on the interface between Internet users and services associated with websites, while a third allows the massive sending of voice messages to promote products and services.

Quickpay allows access to Premium content through a payment made with a telephone call, during which the user enters a code that gives him immediate access on the PC to the content in question. The product is mainly aimed at media companies with content online.

Click & talk, on the other hand, is aimed at companies with customer contact lines, which with this application can trigger telephone contact through a visit to your website. The customer will have to click on a designated area of ​​the page to trigger a callback from the company.

The solution for sending voice messages, voice message service, allows the massive sending of voice messages to a predefined telephone database and serves mainly to promote products and services.

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