AR Telecom invests in training for the 3rd Cycle and Secondary Education

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In partnership with ISEL and the Faculty of Sciences, AR Telecom will promote training actions aimed at 20 thousand students of national education aged between 13 and 17 years, in about 20 schools of the 3rd Cycle and Secondary Education.

The Inovar initiative takes place on the premises of some educational institutions in Lisbon and Porto and is supported by the application of new technologies «covered during the hours of the subjects of ICT, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics», says the operator in a statement.

For this purpose, tents will be set up where practical classes based on experiences will take place that demonstrate some of the points covered in the curriculum of national education in the aforementioned subjects, namely, phenomena such as «the reflection, refraction and diffraction of light, the characterization of sound, the behavior of waves on a rope and wireless communications «

Classes will be accompanied by workshops of creativity around ICT where students can learn to develop their own Vblogs, Machinima films and Gamics cartoons, using the game «The Sims». They will also have the opportunity to «extend the new latency and symmetry variables, fundamental concepts of the Web 2.0 generation».

All schools will create a logbook where training activities will be recorded, as well as a photo report representing them, and knowledge contests and games will be held that award prizes to the winners.

At the end of the actions, students are invited to present a creative work in digital format about the initiative, the new generation of the Internet and the role of innovative technologies, based on photographs, films, interviews and visits to the operations center of AR Telecom . The best work is awarded a Media Center for the school and prizes for the students.

The interaction with science and new technologies as a way of learning is one of the added benefits pointed out by Roberto Carneiro, president of Grupo Forum, the company responsible for the development of the project. On the other hand, Miguel Martins, CEO of AR Telecom, characterizes the initiative as an «opportunity for students to learn to deal now with what will be the future in the short term», which is «an innovative way of dealing with information technologies and adapt them to learning and knowledge acquisition «.

Since the beginning of the academic year, three schools have already benefited from the training that will run until the end of May 2007.

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