Ar Telecom fined by Anacom

غرمت TMN 100 ألف يورو

Ar Telecom was fined 5,000 euros by Anacom. The communications regulator penalized the company for having ceded to J2 Global – under a contract maintained between them – numbering resources from six geographic areas of the country, «in a total of 400 DDIs» as required by a statement. The asset was marketed by the company to third parties in a way that violated current legislation, which led to the fine.

J2 Global marketed these resources for the provision of Internet fax services without having, outside the Lisbon area code, «any geographic addresses to which such numbers could be associated», explains the regulator.

In a statement, Anacom adds that «the nature of the geographic numbers has not been respected», as defined in Law no. 5/2004. Likewise, the conditions for the use of numbering, in terms of the service for which this assignment was made, violated legislation.

In the statement, it is also possible to read that Ar Telecom contested the fine imposed by the regulator and appealed the decision in court.