Ar Telecom ends 2009 with revenues of 39.2 million euros

يعطي AdC الضوء الأخضر لمرور العملاء من Ar Telecom إلى Zon

Ar Telecom ended the year with 73,200 services sold and revenues of 39.2 million euros, which represents a growth of 22.9 percent over the previous year, in the triple Play service (TV, Internet and Telephone).

In a press release, the company – which does not reveal the number of customers – also added that it reached an EBITDA of 633 thousand euros in the same period, the first positive in the company’s history.

In the same note, Ar Telecom underlines that during 2009 it consolidated its presence in the sports segment, without however providing details regarding the performance in that segment.

Ar Telecom maintains a TV, Internet and telephone offer using Tmax wireless technology. Operator in the residential and business market – where it also sells other telecommunications services – and in this area last year signed its first contract for the provision of services to the State.