Ar Telecom channels investment of 25 million euros to Brazil in 2007 (Corrected)

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Expanding network coverage in Brazil is the main objective of Ar Telecom, which throughout this year will channel 25 million euros to the operation in that country. In a statement, the company states that it is already offering services in the capital of the State of Maranhão, São Luís and adds that it is now starting the process of installing infrastructure in the square of Volta Redonda, state of Rio de Janeiro.

Ar Telecom operates in Brazil through the JET brand, which is in the implementation phase, and offers television services and broadband Internet access with digital wireless technology.

The Pereira Coutinho group company has in Portugal and Brazil the two main fronts and action, although at the last press conference Miguel Martins, president of Ar Telecom, admitted that the group was analyzing several investment hypotheses in Europe, especially in the east and Greece, potential markets for TMax wireless technology.

In Brazil, the licenses already obtained to operate will allow the company in mid-2008 to already cover a geographical area greater than Portugal. For this year, the objective is to reach the 60 thousand services sold, between television and data, since in that market they still do not offer a voice, the official also said at the last meeting with the press.

Editorial note [17:41]: The news was corrected in the amount of the investment to be made during 2007 in Brazil, since the first version of the statement sent to the press contained incorrect information.

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